An objective of the program is to build an environment for students to build internationally capabale leaders

their both acadmic and professional career

We, as a designated school to build global leaders, are focusing on

Our research theme for SGH

Developing global talents by sending our messages from the snowy rice-producing region of UONUMA.

Being snow country and famouse for rice production.
Linking with International University of Japan and Meiji University.
Focusing on the local issues from global perspectives.

Outline of SGH activities

SGH Activity plan

SGH observation report


SGH Activity report

Mid presentation for Uonuma Studies

Friday, 27,November ,2015

Experts in town planning visited the school. KJ students chose the leuctures based on their interests and listened to them. Below is the list of the experts from each area of study.

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Professor. Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA(Local government)

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Associate Professor Mitsuyasu ODA (Different culture symbiosis)

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Associate Professor Takane KAWASHIMA(Tourism)

KYORITSU KANKO Co.,Ltd / Tourism practitioners
Mr. Tomohiro KURATA(Tourism)

International University of Japan, Graduate school of International Management
Associate Professor Haruyoshi ITO(Finance derivatives)

(Genaral incorporated association) Tourism association of Minamiunuma-city / Tourism practitioners
Mr. Kentaro YAMA(Toursim studies)

Uonumagaku (Study of Uonuma)

Friday, 6,November ,2015

Experts for Uonumagaku visited the school and made lectures.
Students attended to lectures with their fireld of interests as

Different culture / Multicultural symbiosis

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Associate professor Mitsuyasu ODA

Local government

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Professor Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA

Tourism studies

Meiji University - Information and communication Department
Associate Professor Takane KAWASHIMA

Finance derivatives

Graduate school of International Management, International University of Japan
Associate Professor Haruyoshi Ito

International Relations/Internationalization

Graduate school of International Relations, International University of Japan
Professor Tomohito SHINODA

Regional tourism

Kyoritsu Kanko Pvt.
Mr. Tomohiro KURATA

Special lecture for Uonumagaku ~ Learning Uonuma~

Tuesday, 20,October ,2015

Mr. Akira SHIMIZU from Minamiuonuma mucinipal Planning and Policy Making Division Divisional head made a special lecture about problems and issues of Munamiuonuma city which lead students to explore the current situation.

Uonumagaku , study on Uonuma, begins. We learn the basics of facilitation skills: listen, write and share.

Friday, 16,October ,2015

Yasuyuki Iwasaki, a visiiting professor at Niigata Seiryo University, gave a lecture about K-J based thinking to help the students to improve on their critical and logical thinking ability cultivated through the critical and logical thinking program.

Presentations on Critical Thinking Program

Thursday, 1,October ,2015

 Each group of the 1st grade student gave a presentation as to what they had learned through the critical and logical thinking program.

The two teams chosen as the best presenters gave their presentation, as part of the presentations made by culture club students, to all the students at KJ.

See the world from Uonuma: Learn through work experience--rice cultivation and agriculture in Uonuma.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

 Mr. Katsumata, who is a farmer and has long been involved in agriculture, told us about various problems concerning agriculture, such as food problems and TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Visit to Meiji University

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

 In order to foster the students’ interest in academic fields, we visited Meiji University and attended some classes conducted by professors at Meiji University.

Interim report on Critical Thinking Program

Wednesday, July 30, 2015

 We gave interim presentations on Critical Thinking Program.

International festival at IUJ 

Saturday, May 23, 2015
 We communicated with people across different age groups from different nationalities. The applicants also attended a lecture by Junichiro Sasaki, the director at JAICA in the Tokyo section.

Critical Thinking Program

The program began in April, 2015.
 Through the program, we learn how to solve problems presented by business corporations logically so that we can acquire critical-thinking skills.

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